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    "It will never happen to me!" - The old fashioned cliché that still exists in our perception. Vacation cancellations, accidents or illnesses on holiday are situations that mean expenses. They happen and we hear them often, but we do not believe they will happen to us. For most travel insurance seems like an unnecessary exit. For years the importance of this service has been underestimated, because most are confident that everything will go well. But in one...
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    Everything is now online and we are following this trend for your convenience. However, your insurance consultant is a must. Trust your insurance consultant and you live without worries! He is the expert who will guide you on the best choice of insurance product. Insurance is one of the most complex financial products. Your insurance consultant is ready to advise you on which product is best for your profile.
  • Lanova
    “I am your Life Insurance. You and I have common goals in this world. It is your job, your obligation to supply food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and many other goods to your loved ones. And you do your job, while I will be in your drawer or safe. I believe in you and trust you. Through your income, of course, so will my maintenance costs. Sometimes you probably...

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